LTS (Lancashire Testing Services)


LTS (Lancashire Testing Services), Hollins Suite Lancashire Testing Services Ltd is a UKAS accredited laboratory specialising in flammability testing of upholstery cover fabrics, interliner fabrics, mattresses, bed bases, headboards and bedding for both domestic and

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Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT)


Flanders Investment and Trade (FIT), Show Reception Flanders Investment & Trade is a governmental agency that promotes sustainable international business, in the interest of both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises. Whatever sector you are involved

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Fedustria vzw | Show Reception


Fedustria vzw, Show Reception                                                            Fedustria is the Federation of the Belgian Textile, Woodworking and Furniture Industry, acting both as spokesman and as sounding board for developments affecting the industry’s interests. Fedustria is the appropriate organisation

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Orbital Vision


Orbital Vision | Hollins Suite Orbital Vision is an award-winning creative agency specialising in digital design and 3D rendering for the interiors industry. Focusing on 3D fabrics, Orbital has spent over two years solely perfecting their CGI

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Ekart Tekstil


Tambling Suite, level 2, EKART was established to serve quality, service and innovation seekers in the upholstery sector. Since its inception, it has been a major supplier of upholstery fabrics to many prestigious companies. We

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The BFM tracks actual upholstery fibre prices


The BFM commodity price index covers 250 different items used in furniture production.  This includes the following fibres: Acrylic staple fibre 1.5 denier/38 mommes Cotton, China Cotton Index, spot price, Cotton yarn weaving 40S CN

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Mersem Textile


Box 26 Level 2. Mersem Textile was established in 1997 in Bursa in Turkey by Gokhan Sevilen. Mersem Textile has the latest and the high technology to ,upholstery and decorative fabrics for the Hospitality sector.

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Pozzi Arturo


Box 21 Level 2. Founded in 1957, Italian Pozzi Arturo design and manufacture jacquard and woven fabrics for furnishing and upholstery applications. They also produce weaves for carpets, throws and plaids.  Known for product innovation

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Turkish Penelope started out as a jacquard design studio in 1963, and started upholstery production with the Penelope brand in 1995. The yarn department started to operate in 2010 giving the company the opportunity to

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