Box 6, Level 2

Devantex, part of The Movelta Group is one of the world’s leading textile manufacturers in velvet and flatwoven fabrics, yarn- as well as piecedyed. The group is fully integrated with its own preparation, weaving, dying and finishing plants. A specialised workforce is weaving on the best textile machines with the finest yarns available on the European market. All after weaving treatments are done in- house , such as FR, Teflon, Purotex, Easy Clean, tumbling, and emerising.  A fantastic team devotes all its talents and experience to create the most beautiful furnishing fabrics.

Contact  Michaël Bekaert  email tavelmo@movelta.be


Nijverheidslaan 72,
8540 Deerlijk, Belgium
T: +32 (0)56 77 47 53
F: +32 (0)56 77 81 78