The company started upholstery production with the “Festino” brand in 1996.

As an upholstery fabric manufacturer Festino is a strong and different partner – integrated with 10 jacquard looms with a capacity for manufacturing 350,000 meters of fabric per year.
Festino exports 100% of its products and sells different product groups and qualities to different countries all around the world. It has developed a production strategy based on the demands and tastes of its customers.

TURNING DIRECTION TO NATURE…. Festino belives that the demand for quality and color will change with the effect of the pandemic period. The 2022 collection has been created with natural, raw materials such as cotton, linen, wool and recycles… Festino feels that these products are rapidly becoming the most preferred fabrics full of nature’s tones and textures.

Head Office:

Minarelicavus Mh., Atalay Cd., No: 29/1 16140 Bursa/Turkey

+90 224 244 77 44 / +90 224 242 99 88 / +90 224 242 55 88 /