Novatex is an Italian textile company that develops and produce technical fabrics and covered leathers for the furnishing sectors (residential, contract, hotel and shipbuilding) but also for leather goods, design and accessories.

Strongly focused on innovation , technological and customized development, Novatex invests its resources in designing high-quality materials, certified according to the specific uses and made in the Forli plant through a verticalized industrial process (dyeing, printing, finishing, laminating, fireproofing, quilting, embossing and coating), efficient but also compliant with high standards of social and environmental sustainability.

Innovation, production, service, flexibility and competitiveness: these are the pillars of our company and the guidelines that characterize the action and direct its multiple activities.

Head office:

Novatex S.r.l.
Via Cardano, 6E
47122 Forli (Italy)

Tel. 0039 543 771 400