Returning to BFM Fabric Show in 2022, Pozzi Arturo spa was founded in 1957 and stands out among the best known international brands for quality and product innovation. They constantly develop new collections to meet the demands of modern living and offer a complete range of traditional treatments from flame retardant backcoating, to softening, stain/water repellent, anti-pilling, light backing as well as the more evolved treatments based on nanotechnologies, like antibacterial and stain repellent resistant to many washings.  With modern and traditional collections for the UK market and fabrics for the indoor, outdoor and contract applications, they will present new collections that take inspiration from traditional designs in new colours and with a modern look.

Head office:

Address: Via Giuseppe Parini, 3/5 – 23890 Barzago LC

Phone:+39 031 86.231
Fax:+39 031 87.46.31