Ter Molst, established in 1953, is a Belgian weaving mill specialized in designing and manufacturing interior textiles for upholstery and curtains. By housing design, yarn production, fabric production and finishing under the same roof, Ter Molst offers fabrics that have been tested on premium quality from the start. Ter Molst has two major interior textile brands. Vivalife are our sustainable and easy to clean performance fabrics. Linen Life is out range of natural fibre based fabrics

Linen Life is our range of natural fibre based fabrics worldwide.  Ter Molst is a vertically-integrated weaving mill with headquarters in Belgium. Ter Molst is part of the Love Home Fabrics group that joins 14 textile companies worldwide. Ter Molst has hubs in Belgium, USA, India & China and is distributing interior fabrics worldwide.

Website: www.termolst.com


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