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Ter Molst International is a Belgian manufacturing company specialising in interior textiles. The company was founded in 1953 and has been producing and distributing upholstery and curtain fabrics ever since. Thanks to the full in-house design and manufacturing process, Ter Molst is able to deliver three collections a year, adapted to the newest trends and individual customer requirements.

Since 2017, Ter Molst is part of the international interior fabric group Love Home Fabrics. This label joins eleven companies worldwide who all highly value quality, affordable prices, dedication and craftsmanship.

website www.termolst.be  contacts Ian Rees  email ianrees@seertextiles.com

Koen Mortier  email koen.mortier@termolst.be

Head Office


T +32 56 67 46 46
F +32 56 66 88 83