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Look who Exhibited in 2022

The full confirmed list of exhibitors for 2022


  The Movelta Group is one of the world's leading textile manufacturers in velvet and flatwoven fabrics, yarn as well as piece-dyed. The group is fully integrated with


Duenda is a family business established in 1987, now managed by the second generation who are truly focused on the creation of exciting Velvets. Oh brand-name Duenda is

Edinburgh Weavers

For a large part of the last 100 years Edinburgh Weavers has been at the forefront of textile design for interior designers, hotels, businesses and some of the

Edmund Bell

Established in 1855 to produce apparel fabrics, the company expanded throughout the 20th Century; becoming a major supplier of blackout fabrics during World War II.  Post-war, the company entered


The company started upholstery production with the “Festino” brand in 1996. As an upholstery fabric manufacturer Festino is a strong and different partner - integrated with 10 jacquard

Flameproofings Ltd

Flameproofings are a well established supplier of chenilles, wovens and velvets. They are FR coating using the latest technology in their own factory and hold large stocks of

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